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Stonetown Hotels Zanzibar Hotels

Maru Maru Hotel

Set in the heart of the UNESCO world heritage site of Stone Town, Maru Maru Hotel Zanzibar is a 3 Star International Standard hotel. You will notice the love and care that gone into every detail. We provide friendly service, delicious food and cool drinks, in a stylish, sophisticated environment - all at an affordable price. The hotel is just a few steps from colourful markets and labyrinth of shops. Nearby are the Old Ford, House of Wonders, Forodhani Gardens, Stonetown Beach and Anglican Cathedral

Zanzibar Serena Inn

Idyllically situated on the sea-front of ancient Stone Town, and flanked by an exotic mix of sultan's palaces, Portuguese forts, ancient dhow harbors’, and bright bazaars, the Zanzibar Serena Hotel is a haven of tranquility and opulence amongst the bustle of one of Africa's most ancient and most enchanting towns. A member of the prestigious Small Luxury Hotels of the World, the inn has been styled to represent the epitome of Swahili style, ethnic elegance and Arabic opulence.

Mashariki Palace

Stone Town, Zanzibar: Exotic and mystical, evocative of the centuries of sultans, traders, adventurers and explorers who came to these magical isles of Zanzibar off the Swahili East African coast, leaving a cultural and architectural fusion which echoes its proud history of Persian, Arabian, Indian, Colonial and African influences. Stone Town is now home to the new MASHARIKI PALACE Hotel. This is the Eastern Palace on the islands, once the seat of the Omani empire spanning a thousand miles, created by the first sultan of Zanzibar almost 200 years ago. The domicile of the Sultan's religious councilor is now restored beyond its former magnificence. The MASHARIKI PALACE Hotel is a privileged residence for travelers choosing refined hospitality in a historical setting.

The Seyyida Hotel

The Seyyida Hotel And Spa is a comfortable property in Zanzibar. The hotel is within easy reach of Stonetown Beach, Old Fort and Forodhani Gardens. Also easily within reach are House of Wonders, Anglican Cathedral and Slave Market. Dining facilities at The Seyyida Hotel And Spa include a restaurant. A rich, complimentary breakfast is served each morning. There is also room service available. Our guests will appreciate the services of a doorman. Other hotel amenities include:- health spa, concierge services, dry cleaning, laundry facilities and tours/ticket assistance and a High Speed Internet complimentary service.

Tembo Hotel

A Unique experience awaits at the Tembo House & Apartments Tembo House Hotel & Apartments is situated at the heart of Zanzibar Stone Town by the picturesque seafront. The magnificent main Building has had various functions over the past centuries. Between 1834 and 1884 it served as the American Consulate in Zanzibar then passed on to become the trading offices of Cowasjee Dinshaw & Partners. Their headquarters was in Aden(what now is know as the Port of Suez), and with trading posts notably in most of the British Protectorate areas, it became the largest trading Company in the India Ocean. To this day , the name of Cowasjee Dinwash & Partners is still visible at the main entrance of Tembo House Hotel